What are guitar cabinets for and how to choose the best?

A guitar cabinet is a special cabinet for connecting to a guitar amplifier that consists of a body and a speaker.

It differs from traditional household speakers for any acoustic equipment by its design, housing materials, and a speaker.

Any household speakers, both expensive and not, with traditional acoustic speakers, are contraindicated for use with guitar amplifiers, and here’s why:

  • Guitar speakers have the necessary frequency response for an electric guitar. Such characteristics are not found in any other acoustic speakers.
  • In addition to the desired frequency response, there is a resistance of 4, 8 or 16 ohms among the guitar speakers. It is with the expectation of such resistance that all guitar amplifiers are manufactured. This is the standard. The most common is 8 ohms – there is such an output in almost any guitar amplifier. 16 ohms are less common, while 4 ohms are rare.
  • The body of the guitar cabinet is made with the expectation of large sound pressure, this is a design feature, it is necessary that when playing, the cabinet does not rattle and does not vibrate, but only gives the correct guitar sound, creating the necessary acoustics at the expense of its body.
  • All global manufacturers of guitar cabinets mainly use multi-layer plywood as the main body material. There are other materials, but plywood has also become a kind of standard for guitar cabinets.

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