The October Update of Windows 10 is Deleting Necessary Files

The purpose of Windows Updates is to provide users with updated versions of system features and fix problems that they experienced in previous versions. However, the latest update from Microsoft can cause other issues, even more critical.

As many users state, their updated Windows started deleting system folders, like Documents or Pictures, with no permission of the user. After the system was updated, other media files and folders could also be deleted from the drive.

Other users report that all the data was deleted from their Desktop and Download folders. Some customers also notice that some files created by apps were also removed from the PC.

Even if users try to roll back to the previous version of Windows used before updating, it doesn’t help them to restore data. They can’t find the deleted files in any folder even if they have the old copy of the operating system. In these case you may want Free Happy Anniversary Images at the website.

Specialists suggest that this issue may be connected with the Microsoft cloud storage. So, if your files were also deleted, you can try looking for them in the cloud drive connected to your Microsoft account. It is not clear if deleted files will be restored even if Microsoft will release the fix for this issue.