Samsung company created its first gadget with smart speakers

The news that we waited so long, at last, was announced. Samsung company shared the great news that very soon the world will see their latest development, the foldable smartphone Galaxi Fold.

This is great news for fans of Samsung, because this company is not one of those that produce 10 smartphones a year, like the other well-known brands.

What after all so attracts fans of this brand. First of all, it is a speaker. Samsung started mentioning about smart dynamics last year and presented its android Galaxi Note 9 with a new update during the presentation in 2018. The acoustic speaker is powered by a digital assistant Bixby, which was originally intended to control another model of android Samsung.

Moreover, Samsung has introduced this update to TVs and various other devices. The price of these devices is still unknown, but we are sure that it is certainly worth it.

As for the folding device, it will be the first in the market for a long time, of course the price will be higher than other smartphones, which may push customers away for a while.

As for smart speakers, they are so spread nowadays that even children know how to use them, so there should not be any problems with the sale of this device. Moreover, smart speakers exceed the popularity of the well-known Google service.