Robot Cassie rollerblades

Currently, robotic engineers are developing, basically, two types of robots. These are robots moving on limbs, and robots on wheels.

Supporters of robots on limbs claim that limbs enable their robots to easily pass through the most difficult terrain. Their opponents point to a greater speed of movement that gives such robots an advantage in some cases. However, some researchers try to combine the best features of the opposite approaches to robotics in one design.

That’s what researchers from the Laboratory of Hybrid Robotics at the University of California at Berkeley did. Their robot Cassie Cal, featuring two legs, has learned to move on electric roller skates that have one single wheel. The control system of this robot is focused on speed and ensures reliable balance retention. Moreover, the system controls the movement of the robot, tilting its body in different directions that enables it to speed up, slow down or change the direction of movement. Intel RealSense technology enables the robot to operate absolutely independently and freely move around campus.