Problems with Microsoft Edge in the Latest Windows 10 Update

Windows updates are usually released to improve the quality of software, get rid of vulnerabilities, bugs, and glitches. However, these updates don’t always work this way. With the October 2018 release, some users got the problems with using the Microsoft Edge browser.

After installing the update, many users started complying on the problems with the Microsoft Apps. These programs just stopped connecting to the Internet, including the main Windows browser, Microsoft Edge. When trying to navigate to any website, it doesn’t open it and says “can’t reach this page”. Other browsers work well so the problem is only about the Edge and other Microsoft Store apps.

It is not yet confirmed how many users have this issue after installing October updates. Specialists suggest that these problems are connected with IPv6 settings of Windows. So if you are a customer that also has this problem, try to enable IPv6 and check the connectivity again.

The representatives of Microsoft say that they are aware of this issue and are working on the way to fix it. So, any user will be able to fix it by installing another update from Microsoft that would completely repair this issue.