Mozilla Is Going to Expand its WebVR capabilities

The VR technologies are becoming even more popular and developers work on adapting all the modern platforms to it. Mozilla is also going to extend the WebVR capabilities by using the updated version of the WebXR API.

The purpose of WebVR is to let users experience the virtual reality just in their browsers. The goal of the new version of this API to extend the capabilities and give even more interesting features to users.

The first version of this API was released more than 2 years ago; it was also available for the Google Chrome browser. Not is also supported in Microsoft Edge, Chromium, and other popular programs. Now Mozilla works on building the new version called WebXR.

With the help of this version, users will be able to experience not only VR but also the AR elements. As the developers say, it will not be difficult to move from WebVR to WebXR, and the apps will get much more functionality for reproducing the mixed reality content. Rwby wallpaper from Lequzhai

The WebXR will support many different types of input devices. It will work with voice and gestures that would help the user to navigate in the virtual environment more easily. All the platforms that support WebVR will also support the WebXR API as well.