Microsoft announces the Cortana Skills Kit feature

The Microsoft company is going to extend the functionality of its Cortana helper and provide more opportunities to enterprise developers. Now business companies will be able to use some custom AI experiences with the Cortana feature.

The Cortana Skills Kit lets you build consumer experiences and many developers have already used it. The updated version of this kit will also contain the functionality for building enterprise solutions.

The kit can be used for building custom agents and skills. To use them in the enterprise solutions, developers just need to deploy them in their organization.

For example, you will be able to create chatbots by using the Azure Bot Service, and to work with machine learning and understand the natural language speakers, you can use the Azure Cognitive Services. It helps businesses not to create these solutions but just use the platform from Microsoft and configure is as needed. Star Images for you presented by

If you want to try working with the Cortana Skills Set, you need to be invited by another developer who already has an access to it. However, within a few weeks, it will be open and any developer will be able to get the access to this feature.