Chrome OS 69 from Google with new design and support

Not so long ago a fresh Chrome update was released for desktops and mobiles, right now it is coming for Chromebooks. The first changed detail that comes to mind is the updated design for Material Theme. Tabs now have rounded corners and other rather pleasing-looking elements. As an example, we can note a current tab page which is blank and white.

There are some other new features added to the browser. For example, the search result is right in the Omnibox for sport, weather and other things. What is more, the new Chrome OS has a Linux support. This will help developers manage Linux applications right in a terminal window and then help those who create apps to code Android software right on Chromebook.

Apart from the described features, the new Chrome OS acquired Night Light. With the help of Night Light, the color warmth is increased, and that will help you control the strain of the screen on your eyes. It is connected to definite planning or just the sunset and sunrise. Also, there is a mike added to the bar, so that dictation is a lot easier now.

All these freshly added features make you want to try it out, don’t they? We are sure they do!

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