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The Best Website Builders 2018

If you are going to create your website and have a very small budget but don’t know HTML and other technologies to build its code, you can use website builders. You are able to use these tools for simple and convenient creating web pages, even if you are a newbie in web programming. Here is the list of the most notable website builders that provide you with the best quality of results. Continue reading “The Best Website Builders 2018”

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MS-DOS Is Going To Be Open Source

The MS-DOS is used for more than 30 years. During this period, the Windows operating system grew much and become a convenient platform with the graphic interface, but we still know MS-DOS and some people even use it. All these years, the source code of MS-DOS was not shown to the public but Microsoft is going to make this system open source for now. Continue reading “MS-DOS Is Going To Be Open Source”

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