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Giving away engraved gifts is a great way of building a brand-image. People tend to use gifts like pens, key-chains and T-shirts, these items are an effective way of promoting the company's name that's why companies spend money on corporate gifts.

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A T-shirt with a brand name engraved becomes known to hundreds of people. Imagine a person travelling in a public bus wearing a T-shirt with an engraved brand name, the company gets publicity automatically because many people notice the print.

Companies give away all kinds of corporate gifts but T-shirts are the most popular. People appreciate receiving T-shirts and like wearing them even when they are not participating in publicity events. The shirt becomes a walking talking advertisement every time someone wears it to the mall, a game or a festival.

When holding an event for a new product launch corporations give out T-shirts to many people. They encourage event organizers, the marketing team members, and other business associates to wear them. A large number of people wearing the same type of T-shirts attract attention and arouse curiosity. The company gets the publicity that it wants as its brand gains popularity among the masses.

Engraved T-shirts act as broadcasters of a particular brand, people in parks, malls, libraries, health clubs and social clubs tend to read the print on the shirts, whether it is a logo or a string of text, it catches the eye of the public, it never goes unnoticed.

Investing on marketing material especially engraved T-shirts pays off well. Statistics reflect that T-shirts fetch the most publicity as compared to other give-aways and it is one of the highly appreciated corporate gifts. Things like pens, mugs and table mats stay on the work station or at a particular place whereas T-shirts go every where the wearer goes, besides the print on the other items is smaller, a person can only read what is written if he is near the object whereas T-shirts have larger prints which can be seen from a great distance.

When companies sponsor events they ask representative to wear t-shirts this fetches them popularity and a good reputation among a certain group of people for instance a multinational company sponsors a stage show, the management of the sponsoring company gives away cold beverages that it manufactures to the guests. Company representative serve drinks wearing engraved T-shirts hence the company makes it marks in all possible ways. The host announces the sponsor's name and shows his gratitude, people consume free drinks offered by the company and well dressed representative constantly highlight the brand name.

Engraved T-shirts with company logos, slogans and product images will serve as an effective medium of advertising for years to come. T-shirts are expensive as compared to other corporate gifts but they fetch more publicity than any other item. Hundreds of multinationals print thousands of T-shirts every year at different occasions to highlight and promote the brand name. The publicity results in a better sales turnover which makes them financial stronger.