Android turns off its Nearby Notifications

Many users are tired of different types of spam than they see every day when using their mobile phones. However, sometimes the source of this spam is the Android system itself. For a long time, Android users were receiving nearby notifications that many of them consider very annoying.

The Google company announced that the Android Nearby Notifications will be turned off soon. Now, users will not see them when walking near the places for which Google wants to give you additional information even if it’s helpful.

Nearby Notifications were added to the Android system three years ago. The idea was to provide users with helpful information when they are walking near some interesting places. However, users got tired of this notifications and considered them as the spam.

Now the company sees that it’s time to turn off these notifications. It is going to stop their support in December 2018. Developers still can use these features in their applications if their apps need similar functionality.

However, Google is not going to turn off such features as Connections and Nearby Messages. Developers can still use them to implement the connection between devices. There are also some other features from this category that remain supported.